You want to stop snoring but dislike wearing a mouth guard, can’t bear being hooked to a CPAP machine and hate the thought of going under the surgeon’s knife?

NightLase is a breakthrough anti snoring laser treatment performed in the dental chair. It’s non-invasive, virtually pain-less and easy.


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    An Easy Snoring Solution That Works

    NightLase has been clinically proven as a safe, effective and non-invasive way to treat snoring and help reduce the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea.

    Research shows it reduces snoring for around 80 per cent of patients treated, and that’s with no clunky equipment, no anaesthetic, no side-effects, virtually pain-less and no scary needles.

    Here’s the benefits you’ll get with NightLase compared with other anti-snoring treatments.

    No Side Effects

    You return to your normal routine straight after treatment. No anaesthesia required. Postoperative, a dry throat for a couple of days is the worst you’ll feel.

    Snoring surgery – three weeks off work, strong pain killers and anaesthesia.
    CPAP machine and mouth guards – ongoing nasal congestion, dry mouth, skin irritation and discomfort.

    No Pain

    No cutting, no bleeding, nothing scary. You’ll feel no pain during or after. Not to be confused with other types of laser procedures that involve cutting the soft palate.

    Snoring surgery – extreme pain for up to two weeks post-operative.
    CPAP machine and mouth guards – discomfort and sometimes pain if the appliance is incorrectly fitted or wrongly used.

    Quick Yet Proven Results

    Three 20 minute treatments over a six week period. High success rate – 80% of patients. You may even feel benefits as early as from the first treatment.

    Snoring surgery – around 50% of patients relapse after just one year.
    CPAP machine and mouth guards – high drop-out rate and non-compliance.

    Value For Money

    Rebates can be claimed on your private health fund. This exciting treatment delivers remarkable results, extreme convenience, improved sleep and a happier bed partner.

    Snoring surgery – double the price of NightLase. In-patient treatment may be subject to ‘elective surgery’ extended wait time.
    CPAP machine and mouth guards – can be more expensive than NightLase, with the addition of annoyance and discomfort.


    No needles, incisions or anaesthetic. You don’t need to wear any uncomfortable or bulky appliances.

    Snoring surgery – requires anaesthesia, a potential hospital stay and a long and painful recovery.
    CPAP machine and mouth guards – involves wearing a mask or mouth guard style device all night, every night.

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    About Us

    As a long term laser dentist, Dr Jason Pang knows what it takes to deliver a successful laser treatment. Led by Dr Pang, the team at Cosmic Sleep Clinic, a division of Cosmic Smile Laser Dental
    are experienced at what they do and welcoming in their approach.

    Jason’s commitment to continual learning has put him at the forefront of the dental profession. He is the first dentist in NSW to be trained in the anti-snoring NightLase laser treatment and is using his considerable expertise to train other dentists in the procedure. Always at the forefront of laser treatment, you can be sure that the latest and best techniques will be used.

    His impressive education includes a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and University Medal from the University of Technology, Sydney.

    He was inspired to learn more about NightLase when he discovered the amazing results people were getting from it.

    “As a dentist we treat snoring and sleep apnoea with oral appliances that reposition the jaw but they are uncomfortable, bulky and rely on good compliance by the patient to get a good result,” he says.

    “I saw NightLase as a chance to provide long term results. It is the only anti snoring solution to treat the cause of snoring with virtually no discomfort, pain or inconvenience.”

    As the first dental clinic in NSW to use the procedure, they have had more successful outcomes than any other. As sleep dentistry is a major part of their practice, they are qualified to consult and assess which treatment is most appropriate – whether it be with the laser, an appliance, surgery or CPAP. And that is the Cosmic Sleep Clinic difference.

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    Find out for yourself what it’s like to sleep well, wake with a spring in your step and make your bed partner over the moon happy!

    How It Stops Snoring

    Introducing NightLase Technology

    When you sleep, the muscles at the back of your throat relax, partially blocking your air passageway. When air travels around the slack obstruction it causes a vibration and produces the sound that we call snoring.

    The NightLase procedure involves shining a laser light on the soft palate, uvula, base of the tongue and back of the throat. This causes the collagen in the tissues to shrink and new firmer collagen is produced. The result is a tightening of the muscles in the mouth and throat, which opens up the airway.

    Nightlase has been in use in Europe, South America and Canada since 2010 and has more recently been introduced to the United States and now Australia.
    Light energy by an advanced laser warms the tissue and promotes the production of new, firmer collagen – a process known as neocollagenesis.

    The LightWalker laser used for the NightLase treatment is produced by leading manufacturer Fotona, who has 50 years’ experience in laser technology.

    Case Studies


    Yes, NightLase has been used overseas for a number of years and its proven results are backed by scientific and clinical research.

    No, most patients feel neither discomfort nor pain during or after the procedure. Some experience a mild dry throat for a few days after.

    A full course of NightLase consists of three 20 minute sessions over a six week period.

    No, it is a walk-in, walk-out procedure so you can return to your normal routine straight away.

    If you are not sure what causes your snoring, we have equipment to assess nasal congestion and airflow blockage that we will use in the first consultation.

    There are some who can’t be helped by NightLase as snoring is caused for a number of different reasons, including mouth anatomy, nasal problems and sleep apnoea.

    Yes, NightLase patients report that they wake up in a better mood and feel more energetic. A disturbed sleep – whether from your partner kicking you or from sleep apnoea – is non-restorative on your body.

    Because your partner will no longer have to suffer the tiredness and resentment of sleepless nights. Improved relationships is a common benefit that many patients report after completing the NightLase treatment.

    Also, heavy snoring may be a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health problems.

    Yes, it has been shown to improve mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea. NightLase can also work as a supplement to other sleep apnoea treatments.

    Some people are able to stop wearing their oral appliance or CPAP but it will depend on the results of a follow-up sleep study. Most people will sleep much better after treatment but this does not mean that their obstructive sleep apnoea is under control. Severe sleep apneics will often need hybrid therapy to manage their condition

    Lasers have been used in dentistry for over a decade to treat a number of health problems. Each laser has different wavelengths and power levels that are appropriate and safe for different procedures.

    Compared to the traditional dental drill, lasers are known to cause less pain, reduce patient anxiety and minimise bleeding and swelling.